Beginning in June Chef Salvatore will host monthly cooking classes. at the Green Fountain Inn. While many recipes will be included in the price as a part of the curriculum, our classes will be technique driven, giving the participant skills to not only execute the recipes, but also improvise variations and troubleshoot less than perfect results. Some examples include fail-safe processes to making the perfect creme brulee, prepping an eye-popping unique backyard barbecue, planning an easy and over-the-top 4-course dinner, successfully managing holiday themed menus and making the best use of your local farmers market with fresh vegetarian foods that satisfy!

All classes are from 2-5 pm on Sundays. They include a “fruits of our labor” tasting at the end of the class and wine, to soften the anticipation of the upcoming work week.  All classes are $45. Call 715-258-5171 or email Cindy Oerter at to reserve your spot. Also, inquire about private cooking lessons and group dining at the Inn, because we want to cook for you!

June 2nd (Sauces)

  • Vinaigrettes
  • Buerre Blanc
  • Hollandaise
  • Demi-glacé

June 30th (Summer Party Planning)

  • Executing a High End July 4th BBQ
  • Marinades for Grilling
  • Fresh and Unique Picnic Items
  • Inspiring Summer Salads
  • Cheat Sheets for Knowing how much to buy for your event.

July 28th (Weekly Menu Planning)

  • Enjoy the rest of your summer and prep your entire weekly menu in an afternoon.
  • Easy heat and reheat foods.
  • Making the most out of leftovers like getting 3 meals (for 2) out of one chicken.
  • Bringing back slow-cooker magic.

August 25th (Planning a 4-course dinner with your Farm-share)

  • Create a stunning menu with what your local Earth provides
  • Any ingredient can be the foundation for a beautiful salad
  • Making the best use of our farmers market
  • Vegetarian Foods that Satisfy

September 29th (Soups)

  • Universal Vegetable Bisque Recipe
  • Consommé and Clarified Bone Broths
  • Chowders and Stews

October 20th (Nostalgic Italian)

  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Fetttucini Alfredo
  • Veal Marsala
  • Tiramisu

November 17th (Thanksgiving)

  • Unique menu items
  • Whole Roasted Duck
  • Sweet Potato Creme Brulee
  • Neuske Bacon and Quinoa Stuffing
  • Making Leftovers Sing

December 15th (New Years Eve Heavy Hors D Oeuvres)

  • Creating a delicious on trend menu that will wow your guests
  • Effective and efficient planning so you can enjoy your party
  • New takes on traditional foods.